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Johnny Cade From The Outsiders

No description

Alexandria Fizzy

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Johnny Cade From The Outsiders

Johnny Cade Johnny Cade's Relationship With Others Johnny Cade's Future Thanks for Watching My Prezi (: Played by Ralph Macchio in the movie 'The Outsiders'
[1983] Other Relevant Information About Johnny Cade -Johnny is 16 years old.
-Was brutally beaten by Socs & is in a constant state of fear.
-Has a somewhat self esteem problem, thinking that the kid's in the church's lives were more important than his.
-The first time Johnny has been out of his home town was when he and Pony went to Windrixville
5 Character Traits On Johnny Cade Shy: Johnny is quite shy. He never really says anything back when someone says something about him until the night at the drive in movie.
Brave: Johnny was able to help protect himself and Ponyboy when a few Socs attacked the two on their territory. He also spared his life to help the kids who were inside the burning church in Windrixville.
Strong: Johnny may not be as strong as the rest of the gang (in a physical way), but he has been able to handle having his father beat him, and his mother ignore him.
Puppy-Like: Johnny is considered 'a puppy who has been kicked too many times' according to Ponyboy.
Thoughtful: Johnny isn't like the rest of the gang. He's a lot like Ponyboy, who thinks about things other than fighting and rumbles, like sunsets and movies. Physical Characteristics Johnny has long, jet-black, greased hair that falls in shaggy bangs. He has dark eyes that appear to be black, with tanned skin.
According to Ponyboy, Johnny looks like a puppy that was kicked too many times. Johnny is smaller than the rest of the greasers, and has a small build of muscles.
He always has a nervous or suspicious look in his eyes. Ponyboy: Johnny was close friends with Ponyboy. They shared a lot of the same interests, and their friendship grew within the few weeks they were in Windrixville.
Dallas: Johnny was the only thing that Dally actually cared about, and was protective over Johnny.
Cherry: Johnny is friends with Cherry, but not very close friends. They've met and they don't hate eachother, they're more of acquaintances.
Two-Bit: Two-Bit cared for Johnny as much as the others did, he made jokes and was always able to cheer up Johnny,
Johnny didn't really have much of a relationship with Soda, Darry, and Steve, but the Greasers all gave him the love and affection he didn't get at his home. Even though Johnny died a tragic death suffering from burns and being paralyzed, if he had lived he would still be the same old Johnny, who still looks like a puppy who's been kicked too many times and is lost in a crowd, and who will watch the sunset with Ponyboy and read Gone With The Wind. He won't be as soft as he was before, but he won't be as tough as Dallas was. Johnny has somewhat learned to stand up for himself, and defend himself before he passed, so if he lived, he would be able to carry on that trait and protect himself more, and depend on the rest of the Greasers less.
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