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The Merry Tudors

No description

Erin Coen

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of The Merry Tudors

"She has all the royal makings of a queen."
Who Ran This World?
Henry VIII
Got the throne, got the ladies #getmoneygetpaid
Hampton Court
Henry's Kids
Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen
Elizabethan England
William Shakespeare
From Stratford-Upon-Avon, now a playwright in London Town #VivatRegina
London, England
Catherine of Aragon
Give the glory to God and the Church #PapacyforDays #Catholic4Life
Hampton Court
Anne Boleyn
Second is the best #Wife2 #1000days
Hampton Court
Jane Seymour
Determined not to go the same way Anne did #stayinalive
Hampton Court
Anne of Cleves
I'm from Cleves, not Flanders #notFlandersmare
Chelsea Palace
Kathryn Howard
I'm the queen! Boys will love me! Wheeeeeee!!!!! #OoohImFancyhuh
Hampton Court
Katherine Parr
Please let me be the last queen. #PLEASE
Hampton Court
Mary I
My mom was first, so I get to be first. #EnglandbacktoRome
Ludlow Castle
Edward VI
Daddy loves me because I'm a boy #PrimogenitureFTW
Greenwich Palace
Elizabeth I
My mother may have been accused of witchcraft and adultery, but I defeated the Spanish Armada...without a husband #GirlPower
Palace at Whitehall

Elizabethan England: Shakespeare's World
Church of England
William Shakespeare, Henry VIII
The Globe
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