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Talent Show Planning


Claire Koob

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Talent Show Planning

What are some techniques you already use to promote an event?
Planning a Talent Show
Step 4

Once you have participants, understand your technical set up and everything else you will need, it is a good idea to have a mini run through of the show with all of the acts.

This will allow any little problems to be smoothed over and give everyone a clearer vision of what the show will look like. Try to separate acts that are similar so the variety is more spread out!
A few little tips..
A "How to" Guide
Step 2
You must pick a date for the event! (Usually your administrators will allow part of the day to be set aside for the show.) You should also leave yourself plenty of time to plan the event.

Maybe you would like to name the talent show or give it a theme! (near a holiday: Christmas, Valentines Day etc.)

You need to let participants know when they can audition, your limit of participants and how long their act should be! Normally acts should be between 3-5 minutes.
First things first!

1. Have you ever had a talent show in your school before?

2. If your answer is yes...Was it successful? How?

3. If no...why not?
A talent show is a great event because it is fun, engaging, boosts confidence and usually there is awesome participation!

...Here are a few tips on how to make your school's talent show the best it can be!
Step 1
You need to organize a committee/team who will help you out!

You will also need:
Art and music teachers.
Cooperation and approval from your principle and parent volunteers
To break up the talent show into 3 or 4 segments:
ex. allowing students to show off their music, dance, art and theater skills!
Students who know how to work the tech. (Microphones, lights etc.
You will also need money for this event. Figure out how much you will need and talk with your administrators.
Step 3: Advertising!
Once you have figured out the details you can...

Make your own unique posters!
Put in some announcements
Make flyers!
Post something about it in the bathroom stalls!
Go into your school's classrooms and perform a little something of your own to gain interest!
Find the key leaders (students and teachers) in your school and ask them to spread the word!
A little clip from my own talent show...
It is a good idea to allow a couple more participants than your limit will allow. This will be helpful if acts cancel last minute on you.
Decorate the stage! (Stick some ribbons and cut out music notes on your curtains...etc.)
Give some thank you notes to the teachers and students who helped you out!
Give the participants a treat bag for being good sports and making the show happen!
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