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Technology and Children

Prezi Used in the Protecting Vulnerable Children 2014/15 Module at Strathclyde University

Kris Reid

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Technology and Children

Technology Types
Who Are You?
Social Media is about connecting with Friends and Family around the world.
It has become hugely popular amongst children and teenagers especially with the advent of smart phones.
Can share your entire life in an instant!
Social Media and Children
Be Warned!
The average social network user aged 8-11 does not know 12% of their ‘friends’ in the real world. This increases to 25% in the 12-15 age bracket.
- (Threat Assessment, CEOP 2013)
Know the Risks
Keep Connected!
With smart phones and tablets it's never been easier to chat to friends and family!
There are many different applications children and young people can do this depending on the platform they are using (iPhone, Android, Web Browser).
Important to know how to
users who are suspicious or making them uncomfortable.
Messenger and Chat Apps
Technology and Children
Let's Play!
Keeping Up to Date
Games over the Internet is a huge industry now.
You can communicate and play cooperatively with your friends all over the world!
Voice chat is popular but not always used.
You don't always know who is behind the characters you are playing with.
*RISK* Children can be taken advantage of in these games so extra vigilance is required.
Online Gaming
Video Chatting
Ring Ring
Video chatting is no longer a thing of science fiction.
Video calls and chats can be made from a variety of applications and devices.
No longer restricted to the home or office.
Be careful who you are chatting with however. Make sure you know the person and they are your friend.
Children should never use web cams or video chatting applications without the knowledge of parents or guardians.
Internet Safety 101
As part of Curriculum for Excellence and the Health and Well Being outcomes it is important to educate children AND adults about how to stay safe online.
As part of many S1 courses in Computing Science there is a topic of Internet Safety that covers topics such as:
Hacking and Viruses
Identity Theft
Online Safety and Etiquette
Make use of the THINKUKNOW resources at all stages.
What are we doing in Schools?
Social Networks
Messenger and Chat apps
Online Gaming
Video Chat
Tips for children (and everyone in general):
Privacy settings need to be set to “Friends only”
Including comments, posts and photos
Use https:// and strong passwords
“Friends” should be people you know and trust in the real world
Only post content and photos you wouldn't mind showing your family!
Know who to trust and how to report someone.
If they are going to have a profile....

Communication must happen with their parents
- get them to view their profile
- go through the privacy settings
- keep up with changes

Address the subject at school if problems occur.

‘Like’ the CEOP page!

Young Children?
Facebook Messenger
Kik Messenger
MMO Games
Co-Op Games
27% of children talk about more private things online than face to face
- (EU kids online II)
72% of parents of online teens are concerned about how their child interacts online with people they do not know, with some 53% of parents being "very concerned".
- (Parents, Teens and Online Privacy Report, 2012)
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