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Who are we?

No description

Jamie Anson

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Who are we?

Elevator Pitch
A web site that helps people purchase snowsports holidays, clothing and accessories in a unique way based on the evaluation of the needs of the user
Who are we?
Build a unique web site using the latest web technologies that helps users choose their holiday and clothing based on their individual requirements.
Producing a guide which educates, inspires and interacts; we are able to create a brand which gains the respect and love of the user. This builds strong brand loyalty which is the key to the sustainability of the business.
The Problem
When someone decides they would like to participate in snowsports there isn’t anywhere to find out what they need to know to get started. Not being able to easily find answers to basic questions like where to go, what clothes to by and how much it costs prohibit them from getting started and reduce the number of people entering the sport.
Holiday Sales
Range: 3-12%
Average: 6%
Average Holiday Sale: £1,000
Clothing Sales
Range: 6-8%
Average: 7%
Average Clothing Sale: £120
Business Oppotunity
We introduce people to the holiday and clothing products that they need and link to the suppliers of the products and earn commissions from the resulting sales.
The Solution
Have a reliable and trustworthy brand that produces a ski and snowboard guide book that provides starters with the information they need to get started.
Produce Bob’s Ski & Snowboard Guide which will be the base of which our brand is based off.
Once we have proved the business model in the UK we can take the business model into other markets Ireland, Australia & NZ and USA. The USA has the biggest market potential with 19x more snowsports participants than the UK
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