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Zoe Lambert

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Student perceptions on their SU experience at the University of Chichester SSST; Specialist Student Stats Team Introduction to our results;
The research is being undertaken to investigate:

Student opinions on the quality of service at the SU.
Ultimately see if the SU betters your student experience whilst at university.

University of Chichester is small university with only 4,930 students in total;

• Undergraduates 3,715
• Postgraduates 1,215 Our demographics explained; Student Specialist Stats Team; Break down of results; Section 1 Further break down on what the student body knows about the internal teams within the SU Break down of results; Section 2 Break down of results; Section 3 By Ollie Sumner; 1000697
James Fidling; 1108715
Stacey Thompson; 1101800
Zoe Lambert; 1100166 Why is the research being undertaken? The importance of SU facilities on the BRC campus; The main points; We had exactly 100 students respond
Year of study
Location during term time Break down of what year groups knowing what the SU does; The student body states whether the SU had a positive impact on their experience; Break down of the SU having a positive impact on your university experience by year of study Highlight of why the SU has been positive on students experience; words taken from the student bodies thoughts; Conclusion & Critique We hope that our research will enabled the SU to;

To promote the SU teams work in terms of their four main committees

To increase the effectiveness of Students’ Unions making sure that all students have a positive time whilst at university thanks to the SU

To improve the relationship between the SU and the students
How much do students actually know about the SU and what it stands for highlighting what aspects they are unaware of

What parts of the SU need more attention so that more students know about it

Which SU facilities on certain campus need greater attention

The ultimate point has the SU enhanced your university experience The rating of the SU facilities on the BRC campus; The student bodies response to would they attend more events if they had more input; To conclude; Student Perceptions on their Students Union at the University of Chichester Literature “39% feel & know that the Students’ Union supports and represents the interest of students well” taken from Ulster in comparison to Chichester students where 84% said “yes” and 16% said “no”.

Close to two thirds of students say that the Students’ Union has had a positive impact on their time at University”

Facilities provided by the Students’ Union are rated highly by 56% of students with those who study at the Coleraine campus being more positive about their facilities than students at other campuses” There isn’t a significant difference through performing a chi-squared test; however there is a clear difference in what year groups say. Why did we decide to perform research into the SU? Students who say they are enjoying their university experience were asked what they enjoyed most about university.

The main theme to come out of this is university social life and meeting new people. Taken from the National University Survey; Report of student experience Welfare
Impact "Close to two thirds of students say that the Students’ Union has had a positive impact on their time at University” taken from University of Ulster
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