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The Hopi Indians

No description

Dena Statum

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Hopi Indians

The Hopi Indians
Name: Shaun Davis
School: John S. Jones
Teacher: Mrs. Statum
The Hopi Region
The climate in summer its wet and dry. In the winter its cold and wet.
Hopi Homes
The Hopi Indians home was made out of mud and stone.
The Clothing
Hopi men didn't were much only breecholoths or short kilts. Hopi women wore knee length mantas.
Hopi Indians narmally farmed their food from crops. They ate things like rabbits, deer, birds, snakes.
The Goverment
The Hopi Indians goverment job is to choose who gets to do what. Like who has to hunt for the food or who has to farm for food. The Chief's name is Tuba.
Special Tradition!
Hopi Indians had a special dance called the "Butterfly Dance". Hopi Indians painted thier face for special occasions. they were face cause its there tibe tradition
The Hopi women of the tribe were designated to take care of the children, and cook.
My opinions about the Hopi Indians is they were cool Indians and they would travel to diffrent places for their families. They would hunt with spear and bow and arrows.
Date: Nov 26, 2013
Conclusion Times!!!!!!!!!
www.native american indians facts.com
Hopi Indians
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