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Basic Puritan Beliefs and Values

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Zeynep Yaldiz-Benitez

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Basic Puritan Beliefs and Values

The Puritan Period
Basic Puritan Beliefs and Values
Puritan Government
Puritan Contributions
The Puritans were very simple, if anyone stood out of the crowd they were frowned upon.
The Puritans believed in "predestination" , they believe that they were born sinners unless redeemed by God.
New World
The Puritans also believed that God left the New World for them to settle in.
The state should have no say, people aren't aloud to speak their minds.
Only the active members of the church could vote.
Native Americans should sale their lands to earn money.
Puritans always believed in the moral value of work.
Education creates literate citizens , meaning they can read and write.
Every Puritan has a responsibility meaning no one can be lazy unless they are in fact a "witch".
The Salem Witchcraft Trials
According to the Puritans if the females were screaming, swearing, having seizures, or even go in a trance they were under the influence of Satan.
If you'd like a better definition..
Predestination is God determining whether people go to heaven or not ahead of time so the Puritans had to be perfect in order to be chosen.
Buying Land
Freedom of Speech
Puritans believed that people were born bad so the children had to be educated in behavior and knowledge.
The teachers were also an important part of the community.
The Puritan Alphabet
The alphabet not only teaches them them the letters but each letter represents how they're supposed to live.
The Puritans prevent excesses in the areas of clothing if they were too flashy fines were imposed.
The Puritans weren't even allowed to behave badly in public. If they were there punishment was public humiliation.
Husbands and wives had to live together to keep the families intact if they couldn't handle that their children would be taken away immediately.
Arranged Marriages
Puritans arrange marriages for their children and no one could marry outside of the church.
Puritans did not have holidays such as Easter or Christmas. The weekly "Lord's Day" was celebration enough.
Public Humiliation
This form of punishment was thought to be the most effective.
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