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Combat In Vietnam

No description

cole jordan

on 19 April 2018

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Transcript of Combat In Vietnam

North Vietnam Aid:

Search and Destroy Missions
Life As A Soldier
Average age- 19
Didn’t wear body armor
Meals for the soldiers came in a can
Agent Orange
Mudslides and rain
Few supplies
No knowledge
Poorly equipped.
No obvious front lines.
Some fought Vietcong, others fought NVA.
No uniforms
Had to deal with booby traps

Combat In Vietnam
Essential Question
How did the combat and strategies used in Vietnam influence the outcome of the war and the soldiers lives?
Viet Cong Strategies
Cole Jordan and Aaron Steinberg
South Vietnam Aid:
Guerilla Warfare
Terrain And Climate
Life After Combat
Anti-communist countries
Members of SEATO
United States, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand.
Countries helped in various ways (map)

What it sounds like
Search for enemy and destroy them quickly
General WIlliam Westmoreland
Thought that attrition warfare was best strategy
Killed thousands of Americans
No impact on war.
Many flaws in the missions


Very tropical
Hot and humid
Winter is dry
Summer has high temperatures
Lots of rain in summer
The rain and temperature impacted soldiers
Salt pills
Unique terrain
Bodies of water
The land is very low
The land made it hard for soldiers to move around

Soviet and China
expand communism
neither were open about it
soviets - west
china - supplies
Ho Chi Minh Trail
Style of war
swamps and jungles
ethnicity in vietnam
tunnels underground
survived air raids
quick attacks
booby traps
Post traumatic stress disorder
40 years later
270,000 people still have it
405,000 had it
only 135,000 got rid of it
still studies on it
media tried to help





Primary Source Accounts Of The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War
(Paul Dowswell)

The Vietnam War Experience
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