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No description

George Washington

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Allergies

What Are Allergies?
An allergy is an immune
response or reaction to substances that are
usually not harmful i.e pollen, fur,
a particular food, or dust, to which
a patient has become
Little Timmy's Allergy symptoms
A runny nose
Watery eyes
And headaches
Is There an Antidote for Hay Fever?
there is no cure for hay fever.
but you can take allergy medicine such as;
Allergic rhinitis is a Seasonal allergy
A seasonal allergy is an
allergy that comes only
for a little while.

Thank You For Coming Little Timmy! Feel better!
Little Timmy Has Hay Fever or Allergic rhinitis
Little Timmy's Allergies
By Doctor Jacy

whats wrong with me!
what is Allergic rhinitis?
Inflammation of the nasal airways
This comes from pollen or dust
these can help you feel better

what is a seasonal allergy?
Bye! Thanks for the help doc!
Now I know all about my allergies!
ow that's awesome!
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