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Recruitment Rules Breakdown 2014

No description

Mariah Doll

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Recruitment Rules Breakdown 2014

Recruitment Rules

The Basics
Positive Panhellenic Contact
Formal Fall (and COB too!)
All unanimous agreements upheld
We choose to use RFM (release figure methodology)
Implement recommendations/resolutions ASAP (i.e. women in men's recruitment)
Uphold the PNM Bill of Rights
What warrants a violation?
COB and Greek Preview
Code of Ethics
No spring or summer recruitment outside "
Normal Social Contact
No chapter visits after greek preview by women who may be PNM's in the fall
COB events for current students are the exception
Thanks for Coming!
Recruitment Rules

National Panhellenic Conference POLICY
Panhellenic Association POLICY
Sororities will collaborate with the Panhellenic Recruitment Team
The recruitment team can enter a recruitment event at any time
Panhellenic will provide PNM's nametages :)
No Men
may be involved in the sorority recruitment process (in any way)
No men on property, or women on fraternity property: 8 am Sept. 6 until after bid day
No alcohol
in sorority recruitment (discussing or consuming )
No events with alcohol: 8 am Sept. 6 to the end of the 36 hour bid day period
If a chapter breaks a rule a violation report could be filed
Panhellenic only fines for timing violations, late lists, or ignoring contact by the Recruitment Team
What is a Unanimous agreement?
Who is on the Panhellenic Recruitment Team?
"Normal social contact" is defined as contact with the purpose of discussing recruitment and individual chapter/colonies
Communication During FFR
No contacting PNM's with the
intent of

, this includes social media (ALWAYS!)
No gifts, letters or notes may be given to PNM's
No bids
, or
may be given outside of the agreed time
"Can I text my friend from high school/little sister if she has questions about recruitment?"
Can I go hang out at a fraternity
the day before panhellenic recruitment events?
What is the fine for being caught on Fraternity property during Formal Fall Recruitment?
No men or alcohol in COB
Continuous open bidding is to recruit to total or fill quota
Greek Preview
The majority of the rules from formal fall apply to greek preview
The code of ethics always applies
No men and no alcoholic events 8pm May 10th to 12pm May 12th
We don't do door chants during greek preview!
An agreement for a respectful and honest recruitment process
We hold each other and ourselves accountable to the following values:
The recruitment code of ethics is the guiding document that we all
agree to uphold
. Many violations that are reported are
breaking the code of ethics
not a specific rule. We as a community strive for a
recruitment process.
Can anyone name the 6 values from the code of ethics?
Do the recruitment rules say we cannot Hot Box a PNM?
A Unanimous agreement
A policy that all 26 NPC sororities voted for, meaning all of your national rules also reflect this agreement
Claire Daddino
Desiree Johnson
Millicent Goebel
Erin White
Krista Bennitt
VP Recruitment Development
VP Recruitment Management
Panhellenic President
VP Operations
Assistant Director, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
NO! please refer her to
or tell her to email her questions to

you can talk about other topics though!
A PNM is living with me this summer, can I talk to her?
YES! As long as you are not talking to her about recruitment, or attempting to recruit her for your sorority!
NO! You cannot be on any
fraternity owned property
, including annexes and live outs, during this period.
Nothing! There is no fine,
Panhellenic can only fine for things outlined in the recruitment rules
. That includes late lists, early or late parties, and not being able to be reached by Panhellenic during recruitment. This would, however, result in an infraction!
A violation is reported whenever a chapter violates the Panhellenic Association Bylaws or an NPC Unanimous Agreement
What Happens when you get a violation?
Your chapter President will attend a mediation where she will help come up with an educational way that everyone can learn about the rule, so all chapters are on equal footing. If that is unsuccessful the chapter will be sent to a judicial hearing
The intent of a mediation is for the chapter to learn from mistakes and improve!
Meeting is between president and person who filed infraction
A mutual decision is reached
NO! The rules don't actually say "No Hot Boxing" but our code of ethics ensures that all chapters are recruiting equally. So isolating and pressuring a PNM would be a violation of the code of ethics. It's all about intent, not physical rules.
Why does our campus do "No Frills"?
Judicial Hearing
If the two parties cannot reach mutual decision or if the chapter chooses to skip the mediation process, then the issue would move to a judicial hearing where a sanction could be distributed by the judicial board.
The community voted to move the focus to recruiting with values. The intent behind the NPC resolution is to improve conversation skills, reduce costs, and promote authenticity.
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