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Sandy CrisisCamps

No description

Willow Brugh

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of Sandy CrisisCamps

Person in a health care facility is evacuated. Can be in an orderly manner, or not very ordered. You don't know where they went. After a disaster,
we have to check now where
what person from where is in
what hospital now. Then we can
get them back to their place of
origin. Provide that info to their
loved ones and to their physicians.
Information gets pushed to an automated contact. If no contact is found, info is added to Safe and Well (anything HIPPA compliant)
Asking org: NY Medicine
Status: curated
Asking org: NY DOE
Making this: http://schoolsstg.nycenet.edu/Home/InOurSchoolsToday/2012-2013/cancellations.html
more friendly to use
Status: In process
Now waiting to hear what the school district wants
(even though the initial thing was a specifc ask)
Asking org: FEMA and White House
Have / Need
Other Useful Things
From the Volunteer Technical Communities #Sandy Nov 2 2012
Asking org: White House
San Francisco / Seattle
Mobile Assessment of Damage for the Public
Re-Ignited from
Random Hacks of Kindness
over the past few years
Pascal is on this one
Comic by Jen Thomas
Disaster Accountability Project's Smart Response
Don't see something you should?
See something you shouldn't?
mail willow@gwob.og
all drawings by willowbl00
except these
but none of the tech work. Saddest of faces.
Boston / DC
Work done by: Fran Boon, Pat Tressel, David Black, Emily Kagan Trenchard, Alan McConchie, Nathan DiNero, Mark Prutsalis, Patrice Cloutier, Sean Kolk
Work done by: Ashley Williams, Noel Hidalgo, Philip Ashlock, Andrie Zbikowski, Simon Rakov, Seon,
Galway, Ireland
Comms Map
Andrew Turner and Crisis Commons
Also Auckland!
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