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Have you got your head in the cloud?

No description

Nick Kiley

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Have you got your head in the cloud?

Nick Kiley - IH Tbilisi Have you got your head in the cloud? iCal / Outlook Calendar The Grandma sucking eggs bit Evernote Skitch Does anybody not know this yet? Cave auditor You’ll have seen some of this stuff before
Some of it won’t be for you
For some things, you’ll know something better
There’ll be no getting people to lie on the floor this year
I’m an Apple user...
I have no sense of timing...
Calvin & Hobbes identify the ‘problem’ And finally... Benefits of technology for me Time-management
Keeping track of work
Working with ADoSes
Managing groups
Planning: work / courses etc. What is the cloud? Wiggio SurveyMonkey The essential website for
getting through any meeting: Keeping Track
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