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Positive Culture in Schools

This is a one hour presentation that highlights the basics that are needed to create positive learning environments in schools.

Peter Moore

on 13 September 2010

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Transcript of Positive Culture in Schools

Why am I here? Students have the right
to positive learning environments. Professionals have the need
and the right to be
prepared. Without the Connection nothing
else matters. My views have
Evolved. Turn Rhetoric into
Reality! This year's Theme Ohio's Promise: Enhance Achievement, Focus on Excellence and Provide Opportunities. If you find your professionals saying
"I just want him
to STOP!!!" You need some principles to
guide your professionals. We are either driven to strive
for Best Practice or we are
driven by rules! Findings...
Student have the right to be safe
Teachers have the right to be trained
We have the opportunity! To create a connection that will last a lifetime!

To take a look at ourseleves and our impact.

The Culture The Connection Reason's to Celebrate We will... Know ourselves better
than we ever have. Have the tools to ensure
students are...
-Safe Provide
"QUALITY of LIFE" You must be special! He/She who ceases to
learn cannot adequately
teach. -Unknown Professionals are not
expected to... Be Perfect Get along with everyone....
but "change" people It comes down
a simple equation H = H Happy Professionals
Happy Students A happy professional... Is Prepared Knows what is expected Knows everyone is on board Has something to believe in WE NEED
Professionals! The good you
-Symbolize harmony
-Wants everyone to be happy
-Good communicators
The good you
-Enjoy being at the top
-Work efficiently
The good you
-Give the tools get the job done
-Collect data The good you
-Look toward the future
-See the big picture
The not so good you
-Handles conflicts aggressively
The not so good you
-Takes moods from others
-Decide from feelings
-Cannot deal with confrontation
The not so good you
-Lots of data don’t know what to do with it
-Overly cautious
-Sometimes seems aloof
-Disappointed by others
Nothing wrong with the good people. The not so good you
-Dislike structure/routines
-Do minimal follow-up
-Surrounded by constant chaos -Professioanals cannot "plan" people out of their personality
-We Need to celebrate
personalities if we don't
want to have the
"Epic Battle"
-Balance is the key
The Grandma Standard The MUST HAVES Be Positive The 3 foot pole The 10 second rule Mind your tone Reversal -Smile
-Choose happiness
-Offer kind words
-Find a scream room -Give the buffer zone
-It is about feeling safe
-Our body language tells the story
-The importance of 10 seconds
-Be Patient...years of development will not be changed in a week
-Take time to make the right decision
-This is where GOYA comes in handy
-Demanding vs.supportive
-Put yourself in their shoes
-Provide unconditional support
-An important step toward connection
Change can happen and it
will start... One Conversation
at a Time! WOW Lets start the conversation Pete Moore
pmoore@oacbdd.org RESPECT Who are we? H.R. 4247 -Teaching Culture vs. Reacting Culture
-Support vs. Control
-The entire system must commit
-It takes DAILY education and training
-The focus is on proactive prevention and teaching new skills
-Protective interventions
To Create a positive culture FIRST...We need Professionals to be the BEST! We have the Opportunity
to help students reach
their hopes and dreams. We Need a vision based in
Common Sense. Traditional Classroom
Non traditional Make the
"Must Haves"
a part of the
Daily Conversation. We Need Ducks!
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