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Nathalie G., Leslie B., Nemesis D., and Nancy C., Society for Mr. Garcia's assignment!<3:D

Nancy Cuellar

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Lunandia

Lunandia Education: Government: Family: Environment: Transportation: Entertainment: + Weekly concerts at the park.
+ Theme parks
+ Water parks
+ Movie theatre with dining Children from the age of 5 will be able to start school. Pre-school, kingergarden, Grades 1-12 will be provided for all children. Grades 1-6 will have 1-2 teachers, 7-12 will have six. Subjects like arts, music, science, math, history, english, and physical education. There may be clubs depending on the school. There will be tack for the children who are born in the winter, so they too have a chance to start school at the same rate as other. The school time is fron 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., and a hour from that time range will be for breaks. Afterschool activities will be provided. The councilers and the mayor of city will have meeting to discuss what laws will be made. The judges of the higher class and mayor will be the to enforce the laws. The police and news station will be the one let the people know.
Lunandia has a democracy government.
Lunandia rights are under the 10 Commanments, Bill of rights, The Declaration of Independence, The Consitution.
Any law breaking and property will be conviceated. Have weekly concerts of favorite singers at the park.
Theme parks having rides that goes 109 mph. which is realli high and thrilling.
Water parks with fresh, thrilling rides with pools, lakes, and river rides.
Malls with an overview of the world, having a tiny amusement park inside it.
A movie theatre mixed in with a restaurant . The restaurant permiers movies also. Transportation will consist of Scooters,skateboards, hover boards, buses,trains,etc.
Carpooling will be a must! No one likes to travel alone! Speed limits would vary by location.

By schools,25mph the most.

When no one's around, go as fast as you like. Just as long as you don't manage to kill yourself.

Drink and drive will get you a $200,000.50 Fine. ( Think before you drink and drive.)

There are bike lanes in the street, bikes,scooters,skateboards,and other small veichles can be used in those lanes.

Starting at age 13, driving lessons will be given. But licences and permet for driving will be at 16.

Pilot and driving lisence will be required to drive any type of hover craft. ( except hover boards.) Each family household should have as many as thay want, of course they will have to meet the needs of the baby. Familys may live in any household they may purchase or afford. Either men of women may be the boss of the household. Farmers may used land for crops. Any rotten or unused product will be decomposed. Our job is to protect the environment. Any product brought from soil should end up in soil. Small polution in the air. Keep the city clean. It's not about me
It's not about you
It's not about us
IT'S ABOUT WE! World by: Nancy C., Nemesis D., Nathalie G., and Leslie B.
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