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College Comp (Manatees)

zach mcconville

on 12 February 2010

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Transcript of Manatees

Manatees Zach McConville Types of Manatees Amazonian Manatee West African Manatee West Indian Manatee Life History Half a Manatees day is spent sleeping
in the water. The other half is spent
eating sea grasses and algae.
Swimming Manatees swim at about 3.1
to 5.0 miles per hour, but are
known to swim at 19 mph
in small bursts. Appearance Manatees are also referred to as sea
cows. They can grow to about 10 feet
long and weigh about 1300 pounds.
When born Manatees weigh about 80
pounds. Reproduction Manatees reproduce about once
every two years. The gestation
period lasts about 12 months, and
it takes about 12-18 months to wean
the calf. Habitat Manatees live in the marshy
coastal areas of the Carribean sea,
Gulf of Mexico, and the Amazon
basin. Sources library.thinkquest.org http://www.wunderground.com/data/wximagenew/m/MikeSFArea/149.jpg wikipedia.org images.google.com riverzoofarm.com outdoorphotoworkshops.com saveamericasforests.org
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