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My Journey so far

No description

Belinda Ryan

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of My Journey so far

Life happens...
I rang up to enquire about starting Uni, within half an hour I was enrolled to start within 3 weeks! Scared, nervous and anxious, but feeling proud of myself I jumped into full time uni!
Now in my third study period, I am feeling happy with my decision and really good about myself for finally taking control of my career and future. Doing this course is already benefiting my children, me as a parent and my confidence. I only wish I could complete the course quicker, but going back to part time work in May will mean dropping back to part time study; at least until my youngest goes to school, in two years. In the mean time I will continue working with teachers at DECD and picking their brains! I plan on transferring to a school in the next year or two to work as an SSO to help my study. I can do this!
Back to Uni at 30…. I commenced Reception in 1987. Changing schools in Year 5 was difficult but looking back, moving to Port Lincoln was the best thing my family could have done. I started High School in 1995. I loved learning Indonesian and enjoyed English and Drama. I decided I wanted to be an Indonesian teacher, graduating in 1999. Schooling Childhood Born in 1981 in Adelaide. I was joined by a younger sister in 1983. A family sea change to Port Lincoln when I was 10, and my parents separating when I was 12, were two big life changing events during my childhood. Leaving home for Uni life In 2000, going to Uni meant moving to Adelaide by myself. I decided to have a gap year, but moved to Adelaide anyway (because all my friends were!). I transferred with Coles, where I had been employed during Year 12. In 2001 I started a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Indonesian at Uni, with the intention of doing a Diploma of Education at the end. Trying to study and work two part time jobs to support myself took its toll. I did not enjoy the Uni course, as it had nothing to do with teaching or education. Home sickness and a new boyfriend (and future husband) back in Port Lincoln also contributed to me leaving Uni and moving home to Port Lincoln where I was much happier. I worked at Coles, until I got a government traineeship with our local Member of Parliament in 2003, which led to me becoming a personal assistant, a job that I loved and felt proud of. During my time there, I welcomed my two beautiful baby girls in 2007 and 2009 into the world, my greatest achievement ever! I studied Cert IV in Business Management and Cert III in Education and did some casual work as an SSO, as a bit of a test to see if I still wanted to do teaching. I still loved being PA so I decided to put the SSO gig on the back burner until my kids were older. After my MP retired I had to find a new job. I gained an Admin position in the regional office of DECD (SA Education Department) working with teachers! This got me thinking again…. In 2012 my husband who works away for 8 months of the year encouraged me to take some time off work. This coincided with my eldest daughter starting school, which meant I was able to spend lots of time in the classroom. Within a couple of months I knew I was ready to start my teaching degree.
how i got to this point.... My Journey so far
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