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Wigs and Hair Extension

Chapter 18 and 19

Jennifer De Soto-Fitzgerald

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Wigs and Hair Extension

Important terms to know

braid and sew-cap
wigs-fusion bonding
Hair Extensions
cap less wigs
hair piece-hand tied
turned hair (remi hair)
Synthetic Wigs
Wigs, Hair Extensions and Dreadlocks
Human vs Synthetic Hair
Advantages of Human hair - more realistic
greater durability-
Human hair CAN be colored and permed to suit the client and it tolerates heat from blow dryers, curling iron, or hot rollers
Disadvantages-reacts to climate
after shampooing the hair will need to re-styled
color will oxidize=fading and hair can become damaged
How are they made?
Climate reactions
Resetting required after shampooing
Color will oxidize
Hair will break and split
The Consultation
Be Genuine

show Compassion


Strength and durability
Protein-rich simulation
Great value
Pre-set style and texture
Easy maintenance
Pre-cut, colored, and textured
Unlimited color selection
Permanent color
Disadvantages of Synthetic hair
Low tolerance to extreme heat

hair color

Unnatural shine and thickness
Quality and Cost of Human Hair
Top of line: European
Second: Indian and Asian
Third: Mixture of human and animal hair
Key Questions
Hair type?
Natural or artificially colored?
Grade of strength, elasticity, and porosity?
Is cuticle intact?
Is it fallen hair?
Is it tangle free?
Hair condition?
Does color match client’s?
Can it be permed?
Will it last for 4 – 6 months?
Construction Categories
Cap: often hand-made
Capless: machine-made
Hand-tied or hand-knotted
Measurement Procedure
Measure circumference
Measure forehead to nape
Measure ear to ear across forehead
Track and Sew Attachment
Implements and materials
Styling cape and neck strip
Hairpins and bobby pins
Wig cap and wig

Putting on Wig
Pin Curl Method
Brush hair smooth; wrap into large, flat pin curls
Putting on Wig
Hair Wrap Method
Pin triangular crown section out of way
Brush hair around head
Pin hair in place
Placing Wig
Hold front
Hold in front of ears and pull down
Tighten as needed
Use pins if needed
Cutting the Wig
Follow basic haircutting procedures
Cut on block
Comb-out and finish on client
Free-form cutting is optional
Styling the Wig Guidelines
Use low heat
Treat gently and kindly
Use soft bristle brushes
Use products for color-treated hair
Wig Styling Tips
Choose products carefully
Back-comb gently
Blend client’s hair into wig hair
Employ wind test
Create little imperfections
Wig Styling Tips
Follow manufacturer’s directions
Use gentle, acid-balanced product
Avoid sulfur-based or dandruff shampoos
Color rings – 70 colors
Range from black to blond
Hair is usually black originally
White yak hair for fantasy colors
Perming Wigs
Use human hair only
Cover wig block
Pin securely to head form
Perm as normal
20% to 70% coverage
Usually temporary
Integration pieces
Coloring Wigs and Extensions
Temporary attachment
Semipermanent attachment
Hair Extension Guidelines
Determine length/thickness needed
Determine desired look and map it
Stay 1” away from hairline
Ensure base does not show
Match curl pattern
Fewer needed for curly hair
Lock Stitch
Bonding Method Characteristics
Fits snugly
Fast to apply (10-20 minutes)
Lasts 2 4 weeks
Can gently shampoo
Size of sections
Ends of braids hidden
Position tracks 1” behind hairline
Use blunt, custom-designed needle
Cut thread
Pass needle through weft
Create loop
Pass needle through loop
Pull loop tight to lock stitch
Bonding Procedure
Section off hair at nape
Place weft and apply adhesive
Use consistent amount of adhesive
Fusion Method Qualities
Harmonizes with natural hair
Light and comfortable
Moves naturally
Lasts up to 4 months
Best for fine, limp hair
Uses keratin-based strip
Heat used to soften bonding agent
Identify client’s needs
Explain value of investment
Describe features and benefits
Discuss performance and cost

Hair for Sale
List 7 key points of a client consultation
Summary and Review
Washing your wig
Don't Dread Dredlocks !!
Hot Heads Tabbing
Human hair test

Human hair advantages

More realistic
Greater durability
Same styling and maintenance as natural hair
knowledge IS POWER
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