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YLC 2014

No description

Heather Hilt

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of YLC 2014

YLC 2014
Who: Youth Leaders of Albania
What: Engaging in a Leadership Conference
When: Early 2014
Improve your Leadership Skills
Think about your Future
Problem Solve
Improve your Community
Design a Project
Sponsored By:
Introducing YLC Fundraising
19 November- 31December
A way to raise support via Money or Supplies
A Fun Way to improve your organization
Expand your resources
Make yourself known in your community!
Money Raised will go to Support YLC 2014
Try Out A:
Maybe a...
Fundraising Challenge
From 19 November- 31 December
Clubs commit to
raising funds
for the National Outdoor Ambassadors YLC 2014
For every
200 Leke
raised teams will get a raffle ticket to be entered in the YLC raffle.
Peace Corps Volunteers will come from all around Albania to support YOUR community project of choice! A flash mob, a party, a sports day... whatever you choose for YOUR community!

*2nd and 3rd Prizes to Be Announced During the Fundraising Bonanza
Prize Drawings
will take place at the
YLC 2014

The more money your club raises the more raffle tickets you earn & the better your chance of winning!
National YLC
Fundraising Challenge:
20,000 LEKE
We will update you every week on Our Facebook and Our Website!
Every week we will feature a New Fundraising Team of the Week!
Have FUN-draising!
Participants to Be Selected
Via National Application
Applications Sent Out: End of 2013
Meet Youth Leaders
from Around Albania
Why Fundraise?
Make a name for yourself in your community
Advertise the YLC and why it is important
Raise funds to make it the best event possible
Have Fun!
You & your entire community share a stake in YLC 2014
At the YLC, you will gain skills and develop projects that will help your club and your community!
* Official dates to be announced soon!
* Official dates to be announced soon!
Social Media Updates:
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