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Britain in the EU

A presentation on the British membership in the EU. Created by Yavor Popov

Yavor Popov

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Britain in the EU

Britain in the European Union Demographics and government economic indicators A presentation by
Pavlina vatseva
Yavor POPOV Population: 61,113,205 people Growth rate: - 4,5% Urbanization Elderly population Ethnic groups Political and Economic Aspects of
the Membership Constitutional monarchy and unitary state Fourteen overseas territories Memberships United Nations Security Council Founding member of NATO Commonwealth of Nations G8 and G20 OECD World Trade Organization Member State of the European Union GDP: £ 316.2 billion CPI (2005=100): 112.9 Net Investments £ 24.8 billion Inflation rate: 3,5% Balance of Payments £-1.7 billion Trade balance: £-2.1 billion Goods import volumes (2005=100): 97.4% Goods export volumes (2005=100): 94.9% Wealth and Assets Main importing countries Main exporting countries The British rebate Thank Heaven we kept the pound! Edward Heath Harold Wilson Margaret
Thatcher Jacque
Delor Tony
Blair Lord
Cockfield George
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