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Flipped Classroom

The concept of a flipped classroom is using modern technology to revolutionize education.

Anna-Marissa Estep

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Flipped Classroom

Changing the face of Education
photo based on Malte Sorensen's photo
Flipped Learning:
Teachers can post their own lessons online, with videos and other interesting tools, or they can use lessons that other teachers have posted. There are a plethora of resources to choose from, such as those made available through the Khan Academy. For incarcerated youth, lessons provided before class could be used.
The first exposure to the topic is done prior to the lesson, leaving class time available for the processing. Class time becomes a time for the teacher to work with students on what would traditionally have been homework.
"Flipping the classroom has transformed our teaching practice."
"...the data showed our students were learning more in the flipped environment than in our traditional classroom setting"
What teachers are saying:
Class time will be used to enhance the lesson and add a "hands-on" portion to the topic, helping students to make better connections to the concept.
Projects and assignments that would have previously been completed at home, can be done in the classroom, with help from peers and teachers, once class time is made available.
I can get help with whatever problems I need instead of struggling with hard problems at home with no help."
"I can re-watch confusing sections and it is very easy to study."
"It put more responsibility on me to get an understanding of the material."
What Students are saying:
Teacher Resources:
There are a lot of places for teachers to get help flipping their classrooms.
Pinterest: Flipped Classroom
Educreations app for iPad:
Teacher can create podcasts that can be shared on student iPads.
Khan Academy can help teachers get started. They already have free videos posted for students to use!
make your Google searches more accurate using tricks found here: http://www.google.com/intl/en-US/insidesearch/tipstricks/
Contact Information
Dianna Fox
Anna-Marissa Estep
Elizabeth MacEwan
Matthew Moran
Students are able to work at their own pace while learning new concepts.
The teacher is available for students to ask questions as they try new concepts "on their own" in the classroom.
Class time is available for problem solving and working one on one with students.
The Benefits:
The concept:

Orange-Ulster BOCES
Orange County Jail
Clintondale High School
2010: More than half of the school's 9th graders failing Math, Science, and English

Clintondale ranked among the worst 5% of all schools in the state of Michigan prior to the flip.

Since then, failure rates for students have declined from 52% to 19% and standardized test scores have risen steadily.

* Dianna Fox
* Anna-Marissa Estep
* Elizabeth MacEwan
* Matthew Moran
* June Franzel- Director of Adult Education
* Sgt. Earle Smith- Programs Supervisor
* Officer David Colon
Flipping without Technology
“Flipped learning is an approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides the students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.” (Flipped Learning Network) Notice that technology is not mentioned in this definition.
Does it Work?

- labs, experiments, and fieldwork
- creative writing assignments
- collaborative research projects
- acting, dramatic readings, tableaus
- project based learning
- art work
- reenactments
- debates
- model construction
Teaching without Technology
In a study performed by Carl Wieman and colleagues, flipped classroom students performance improved by 33% on the end of unit exam compared to the traditional setting.
Orange County Sheriff's Department
Sheriff Carl E. DuBois
Undersheriff Kenneth T. Jones
Colonel Kenneth A. Decker
Major Donald Bader
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