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Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem

No description

Katie Stecklair

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem

Foundation A rainforest ecosystem is warm, and it rains a lot. That's because the hot air holds so much moisture. The air is usually moist and wet. The temperature never gets too hot or too cold. Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem Animals, plants, trees, insects, and moss By Katie Stecklair Rainforest The climate How the parts of my ecosystem work together to live Living things Non-living things Dirt, water, twigs,
Dead leaves Producers Plants, trees, leaves,
flowers Consumers Animals The End! Orchids Banana Trees Bamboo Macaws Parrots Monkeys Chimpanzees Fruit Bats Chimpanzees Pythons Jaguars Decomposers Bracket Fungi
Jelly Like Fungi
Gilled Fungi
Slime Mold
Coral Fungi About My Food Web Orchids are producers. Macaws and chimpanzees are consumers. They eat orchids. Pythons eat macaws. Jaguars eat chimpanzees. Banana trees are producers. Parrots and fruit bats are consumers. They eat banana trees. Pythons are consumers. They eat parrots and fruit bats. Bamboo is a producer. Monkeys and chimpanzees are consumers. They eat bamboo. Jaguars are consumers. They eat monkeys and chimpanzees. This is how the parts of my ecosystem work together to survive.
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