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Social Network

No description

Kenneth Rodgers

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Social Network

Social Network
Early Systems
Service people could use to connect to the internet
Provided online services such as real time chat rooms and E-Mail.
Entirely graphical
Founded 1969
First Commercial online service in the states
First to allow emails between other email services
Most popular for its Vast amount of forums in many subjects
Users IDs in form of numbers
Text based GUI but you
could install programs to give it a graphical interface such as WinCim
BBS is a computer or application that is dedicated to sharing of messages or files on a network
Think of it as a bulletin board in a kitchen where you post notes, recipes and reminders except its all digital and you can post files and messages to share with people. Making this social setting.
Web Based Systems Helped launch the first social networks
GeoCities opened the world to social networks.
You could create an account and join a Neighborhood that's like a club for a certain topic where you can create your own site and discuss said topic.
Tripod Started in 1990s
Provided the tools to make your own website easily
This sort of Site made it possible for anyone to create a community.
Also had a social community where you could sign in and create an account and join a chat.
Provided emails to all users
Began in 1995 and was one of the first social media sites.You could also create your own site and account same as Tripod and and share with other people on the site. Stopped operating in 2009
Web site example
Site example
Chat rooms allowed you to connect with people that had similar interest such as pets, music, arts, and more...

Profile Based Sites
Making an account on the site creates a Profile where you fill in information about yourself and share with current and future friends.
Picture of the person
General location
They usually include a friends list

Likes, dislikes, schooling is usually included
Others include a news feed that the owner post about events through out their lives
Beginning stages of social networking
Mark Zuckerberg
And a few other of his college buddies
Founded Feb. 4th 2004
Combines many aspects of other profile sites
User can search for friends keep updated on the lives of friends look through photos they've been tagged in.
Send mail or insta-message other people
Whats a twitter?
Another social media site
Founded in 2006
Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams.
Users can send and read messages that are 140 characters long which are called "tweets".
Follow the daily thoughts of celebrities politicians or just your family.
Founded in 2003
Reid Hoffman
Business Oriented Social media site
Allows users to network for....
Finding jobs
general career networking
Jobs can find you!
Employers can post jobs
and other job opportunities
Privacy concerns
Makes identity theft easier
Privacy isn't 100%
Many scams
May get addicted to social networks
Many Stalkers on these sites
May cause Drama in your life
More passwords to keep track of
Lots of criminals
Too much misinformation
Loss of productivity
Less face to face communication
Mayor platform for cyber bullying
Helping bring attention to a cause
Finding things for sell/buying
Finding events
Great communication tool
Staying in contact with friends and families
Staying up to date on news
Tracking down old acquaintances
Meeting new people
To sign up to a Social media platform
go to their website and look for the following
Most sites have a sign up button to register for a profile clicking, it will bring you here to a page that looks similar to this .....
Fill in your
password you will use
and any other information they ask for
Time to sign into your site
Go to the social network site you signed up for
Look for the Log In Button or for the sign in prompt
Put in your credentials and press log in and you are now signed into your own site.

Sites such as Myspace, Friendster, SixDegrees and Classmates
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