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Peace Journalism

A presentation of the 2014 Cyprus Peace Journalism Project for the Park student Symposium

Sarah Stout

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Peace Journalism

Peace Journalism & Cyprus
What Is Peace Journalism?
Peace Journalism In Cyprus
Elnaz, Ayca and I
Why Cyprus?
"The checkpoint and the peacekeepers were a reminder of what my peace journalism student Sarah and I are doing here—to help promote peace journalism, and its ability to help journalists create an atmosphere where peace can become possible." Prof Youngblood
A style of journalism that teaches journalists to be responsible for the way they report.
All voices are heard in this type of journalism.
Focus isn't on violence or choosing of sides.
Those who practice PJ are driven to provide media that doesn't fuel fires that are already burning.

“This may be small project but it will be big step for the future activities.”- Assist.Prof.Dr. Metin ERSOY, EMU
“Because of our culture we think there is this one truth; we don’t have a lot of critical thinking skills, we are no good at conflict…lack of empathy, maybe it’s a Mediterranean thing, has to do with everything here, it’s all politicalized.” –Eleni Christodoulou, Political Science PhD Student
"That's why you are here,
peace journalists."
Prof. Dr. Abdullah Y. ÖZTOPRAK
-The Rector of EMU
Varosha, Famagusta
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