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Narcissus and Echo

the story of a love to hate of Narcissus a bad man. no a very bad man and a kindhearted sweet echo

Pavo B

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Narcissus and Echo

Aphrodite, enraged put a wrath (curse) on Narcissus, so he instantly fell in love with the first face he laid his eyes upon. Narcissus and Echo Echo aided Zeus and received a blue ring. By deceiving Hera, who took revenge and turned Echo's voice, doomed for all eternity to repeat the last 2 words said by any god, goddess or mortal. denied her love Echo meets the guy of her dreams, the handsome, self-centered Narcissus, but Narcissus doesn't return Echo's love. loved him more then anything talk to the hand cause the face can't take it Echo used her favor from Aphrodite to disappear off the face of the earth and all that was left was her voice. You can hear her voice in caves and chambers. Aphrodite
the goddess of Love and Beauty Wrath Narcissus, thirsty stumbled upon a face in the stream and instantly fell in love. Narcissus watched the face day by day and wasted from an unfulfilled desire, as the face in the stream didn't return his love Narcissus turned into a flower after staying in the same spot, gazing lovingly at the face. He soon forgot about food and water and life itself and sat there day after day, until his legs became roots, his hair turned knotted and leafy, and his light face and pale blue eyes became fragile blue and white petals. The body in between was turned into a stem and so he was turned into a flower (named as narcissus after him) and is seen to this very day, watching his reflection in the water. Narcissus wasting his life waiting for his love to come out. THE END.... http://www.gcpower.net/wp content/uploads/2012/07/Dark_storm.jpg This is not the http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-rmWnYHFqqT0/TkgPKk_qTPI/AAAAAAAAABc/IHkn7Vl3gBU/s1600/aphrodite.jpg By: PAVNEET, Anish and Ling http://losolimpicos.webcindario.com/imagenes/hera.jpg http://drop.cl.studio83.co.za/static/data/image/2011/06/aphrodite.jpg http://s.myniceprofile.com/myspacepic/150/15036.jpg http://blog.beliefnet.com/beyondblue/wp-content/files/import/imgs/broken%20heart.jpg Let US BEGIN.......... Should not be shown to young children, due to the fact of the story might not be a happy ending like the others.... This is a teary tale of 2 beings one that loves the other but the other doesn't love back..... Hera,Queen of the Heavens, Marriage and Women www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMyHnZ4IV54 Resources:
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