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Grand Theft Auto Five

No description

Mariah Vassos

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of Grand Theft Auto Five

Grand Theft Auto Five
Plot Summery
Types Of Learning
- Associating 2 things together.
- Like hearing a bell when eating. Until the bell triggers the same physical response that food would.

- When your behavior is controlled by the outcome.
- punishments or rewards
- Like getting money when you get an A and getting your phone taken away for an F

- Observing others and learning new behaviors through it.
- Like peer pressure

Learning In The Game
- Hearing a siren and automatically start running away

- Knowing to run from the cops because if you dont they will kill you and you will lose money
- When you complete a mission successfully and get money
- When you insure your good cars you can trash them and they come back to you.

- When you play with your friends they could teach you different hacks you didn't know before
Mariah Vassos 2-2
Former criminal, Micheal is in the witness protection program with his family. Living the same boring day over and over again. But when he meets Franklin, a talented rookie criminal, he asks for Micheal's help. Tempting him to come out of his retirement and giving him a way to feel alive again. However it may cost him his family, his sanity, his cover and his safety.
- Fun
- Allowed me to explore my curiosity
- Reduced my stress
- Voilence leads to increased agression
- Other graphic content and language
- Could teach bad behahiour
- Time consuming
- Made me stressed again

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