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8th Grade Pre-Algebra


Ryan Cosson

on 13 September 2010

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Transcript of 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

10 Real Life Take-Aways from 8th Grade Math: 1. Just do it. - TAKE ACTION What do you do when you don't know something?
Don't just sit there - look it up, ask someone, Google it 2. Make Mistakes. Fail. NEVER GIVE UP. You must fail to succeed - Just as you must fail to make an A. 3. Keep an open mind. 4. Explore the consequences of new ideas. 5. Seek the essential 6. Understand the issue. What is the question asking? 7. Understand simple things deeply. 8. Break a difficulty problem into easier steps. 9. Examine things from several points of view. 10. Look for patterns and similarities. 8th Grade Pre-Algebra 1. Variables, Expressions, and Integers 2. Solving Equations 3. Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities 4. Factors, Fractions, and Exponents 5. Rational Numbers and Equations 6. Ratio, Proportion, and Probability Variable - a letter that stands for a number When dealing with adding and subtracting integers - remember the number line. Same sign - add and keep the sign Different sign - subtract and take higher sign Relate the problem to money if you have trouble.
Would you rather have $20 or -$35? Order of Operations Parenthesis Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction Combine like terms Get the variable on one side Use inverse operations to solve Check your answer by plugging into variables. GCF -
Prime factor
Circle common prime factors
Multiply common prime factors Least Common Multiple (LCM):
Prime factor
Circle common prime factors
Multiply all prime factors - use pairs only once * LCDenominator =
LCM of the denominators of 2 fractions Exponent Rules Product and Quotient Rule Negative exponent - change the place in fraction to make it positive Any number to the 0 power = 1 Any number to the 1st power = that number Rational number: any number that can be written as a ratio All ratios are DIVISION PROBLEMS! When solving equations using fractions - use PEMDAS When fractions have same denominator - +/- only numerator & keep denominator the same Different denominators: find LCD 1st, then =/- numerator and keep denominator the same Multiplying fractions: Multiply straight across Dividing Fractions: Invert and multiply 3 ways to write ratios:
a:b a/b a to b To solve a proportion: Cross product property P(event)=number of favorable outcomes number of possible outcomes 7. Percents percent = "per hundred" Can be written as a fraction or decimal Percents can be used to solve proportions Commutative Property Of Addition Of Multiplication You can add numbers in any order You can multiply numbers in any order 5 + 2 = 2 +5
a + b = b + a 5(4) = 4(5)
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