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Greek Warriors and Weapons

No description

thinley norbu

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Greek Warriors and Weapons

Greek Warriors and Weapons
Greek Armies
Highly disciplined
Well equipped
Well trained
Clever tactics
Greek Navy
Very important
Larger than land battles
Torso and head were mainly protected areas
Blows to the neck or bladder could be fatal
Bronze Cuirass
Phalanx: tightly knit rectangular formation
Normal military training
Military state
Trained as young boys to prepare for the military
Weapons and Armor
The Doru: spear
Kopis and Xhipos: sword
Bow, javelin, and sling: long range weapon.
Archers and Peltats
Light infantry
Mercanary troops
Bows and Javelins
Horses were expensive
The terrain was not very good for the horses.
Scouts and skirmishers
Hoplon: Large round shield made from bronze,wood,and leather
Pelte:Lighter shield
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