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Guided Notes for Respiratory System

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Ryan Fessette

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Guided Notes for Respiratory System

The Respiratory System
The body system that functions to get _______ into the body and to remove __________ and other wastes.
Nose Throat and Trachea
1). Air enters you ____ or mouth.
2). Cilia filter out dirt from the air.
3. Dirt and pollen trapped by ______.
4. Nasal cavity warms air.
6. _______ prevents air from entering stomach.
1). The trachea branches to form the ___________.
These tubes continue to branch off in each of lungs.
A _____ like system of baranches form.
2) At the end of the _______ or bronchi are the alveolar sacs called alveoli.
Oxygen from air enters the ______ here.
Carbon dioxide and other wastes pass from the ______ to the ______.
3) Alveoli sacs are _______ in blood vessels to make this excahnge of O2 and CO2 faster and easier.
Ribs _____ and protect the lungs.
The rib cage is flexible.
The diaphragm ________ across the bottom of the rib cage, directly below the lungs. - _________________
Inhale= diaphragm ________
Lungs push down while rib cage moves upward.
_______=diaphragm relaxes
Air enter the lungs through the creation of a _________.
Diaphragm and Breathing
Affects the airways of the lungs.
During asthma attacks:
Airways ________ and narrow
Airways become inflamed
Mucus builds up

This leads to shortness of breath, coughing, and ________.
22 ______ people in America have asthma.
6 million are ________.
More and more people are born or develop asthma each year.
Environmental contributors?

5. Air moves into the _______ and then down the _______.
COPD & Emphysema
Long-term disease of the lungs
Occurs when alveolar walls and associated blood vessels are destroyed
Hyperventilation occurs and can lead to heart failure

Approx 12 million Americans suffer from COPD/Emphysema
90% of diagnosis are due to smoking
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