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killer pizza

No description

Stefano Fermo-Calla

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of killer pizza

"Run! don't look back!Just run!! charging through the dark woods, Chelsea Travers was already exhausted from running."
I would compare this book to the hardy boys series for these reasons:
All About The Author
Greg Taylor was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he graduated from Penn State University and started out his career as a professional drummer, he moved to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter. His screenwriting credits include , Harriet the Spy, Prancer, and last but not leastThe Christmas Box.

I would recommend this book to boys between the ages of 11 and 17 because if you are younger, you might not get the book because it is geared towards an older audience. And if you are too old, it might be too easy of a book for you.
I chose this passage because it is very suspenseful and it really made me want to continue reading this book

- They are both mystery books
- There is alot of suspense in both books
- Both books are novels
- there is a murder in both books
Life is amazing for an ordinary boy named Toby Mcgill who dreams of one day becoming a world famous chef. Well, one day his dreams came true when he lands a summer job at one of the best pizzerias in the U.S.A, and its called Killer Pizza. Life at work is going very good for Toby, he even has two co-workers and their names are Annabel and Strobe. The only thing that is weird about the restaurant is that when its closing time the owner says to lock all of the door and windows whenever he leaves. Is the restaurant really haunted, and are they rumors true about there being a monster roaming the restaurant when it's closed. Well i guess that you will just have to read the book to find out.
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