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Foreshadowing in the Crucible

No description

brennan hertzer

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Foreshadowing in the Crucible

In act 1 we figure out that Abigail Williams and John proctor have an affair with each other. We also know that Abigail still wants to be with John so she is going to try to get rid of his wife
If you pay attention to the hateful that Abigail expresses towards Elizabeth. She calls Elizabeth a "gossiping liar, cold, hateful. Such intense hatred does not just go away.
Another example foreshadowing is when Giles Corey talks to Reverend Hale about his wife reading strange books that he says makes him unable to pray. That Piece of information about Martha Corey foreshadows her future arrest.
In the play Reverend Hale starts disagreeing with the court and there actions. This slowly foreshadows Hales outrage towards the court at the end of the play.
Proctor is ensuring that good triumphs over evil. This is foreshadowing that he wont give in to giving away his name. Ending to the Act in which Proctor assures Elizabeth that he will not let Abigail win.

3. What did Reverend Hale think about the court towards the end of the play?

4.What was proctor try to ensure?

5.Why was Abigail calling Elizabeth a gossiping liar?
1. How do we know that Abigail wants Elizabeth out of the picture?

2.What does Giles Corey tell Reverend Hale?
Foreshadowing in the Crucible
By Brennan and Tommy

"The Crucible." About. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2015.
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The Crucible itself is foreshadowing "The Red Scare" or the fear of what is to come of the communist scare between 1940 and 1950.
Also in the end of the first act there is a lot of hysteria and panic; this is quite possibly foreshadowing how people will make chocies and behave in the next act.
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