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Main weapons from 1920-1950

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roger garza

on 27 November 2010

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Transcript of Main weapons from 1920-1950

Weapons from 1920-1950 Atomic Bomb It was first used during the world war II
in the year 1945. It was used by the USA
against Japan. It was used in two japanese cities:
Nagasaki and Hiroshima The atomic bomb was trowed
from a plane and it exploted when
it reached the ground. The atomic bomb was , at that time,
the deadliest and biggest bomb. It was
capable of destroying complete cities. An atomic explotion consists mainly
in a chemical explosion that causes the
plutonion eectrons to touch the protons,
causing the atoms to release energy.
This has a chain effect meaning that atoms nearby to have the same effect.
The atomic bomb made
Japan surrend. It was the
end of ww11. There were several persons
who helped create the atomic
bomb. Such as a US astrophysicist
Philip Morrison,Robert Oppenheimer,
Einstein and others. Napalm In 1942, Louis Fieser and his team of researchers in Harvard University found a jellylike substance that burned much longer than gasoline. As soon as this was discovered, it was used as fuel for flamethrowers. After 2 years of experimentation with napalm, The first napalm bomb was invented and used in france as a test. Then, napalm bomb were the main bombs used in bombing attacks against Japan. As soon as the napalm bombs hits the ground, the chemical ignites and makes a huge burst of fire. What actually happens it that the burning chemical "splashes" around and ignites other things such as wood, plants and people. A huge advantage of napalm was that the chemical beside burning, it sticked to wichever thing, like naked skin, and it could not be taken away. Another thing that the chemical made was to flow; so the chemical fell into underground trenches, burning people and structure underneath. The napalm bomb has is a very simple combination of chemicals. It is gasoline with aluminum soap. The gasoline reacts with the soap, creating a brownish jelly like substance. The soap reacts with the gasoline, so no thermal of nuclear reaction is needed. The bomb in which the napalm was found was very basic and simple. The bomb had no direction by falling. The bomb had a mecanism that activated when it hitted the ground. This mecanism activated a little flame, igniting instantly all the napalm solution. As it was founded by Harvard researchers in USA, the weapon was first used by USA army. As stated before, it was the fuel of steel flamethrowers and then in steel bombs. Besides of giving the flamethrowers a farther range and power, "napalm strikes", which was the way the napalm bombing is called, gave a fast and devastating tactical bombing. This bombing destroyed units and buildings, giving a huge advantage to the soldiers. Napalm bombing is extremely dangerous in places with vegetation since it can ignite and create mayor fires. As stated before, Louis Fisher discovered napalm. It was then passed on the to US Army Force, which then invented the napalm bomb and used napalm as flamethrower fuel. Napalm bombs were just perfect weapons in Japan because of the many trenches that the japanese had. Napalm strikes can kill people inside of trenches because of many things: intoxication, suphocation, etc... The chemical could also flow inside of underground trenches, burning them from the inside. Napalm was such a painful weapon that it was supposely prohibited for war.
Once it is on your skin, Napalm can nnot be removd from naked skin.
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