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No description

Alexis Ontrop

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Softball

Health-Related benefits
Muscular Endurance
Muscular Strength
How does your activity improve the health related components?
Softball improves muscular endurance by: going from hitting the softball, to running the bases, to running out onto the field and fielding your position right away and this keeps on continuing for 7 innings.
Softball improves muscular strength by pitching, hitting and throwing because every time you do these you do it in the highest force possible.
Softball improves flexibility by hitting the ball by rotating your hips, also when throwing the ball and sliding by being able to slide in a sliding position and being able to get up right away.
fitness-related benefits
Reaction Time
How does your activity
improve those fitness
related components?
Softball can improve agility by fielding your position and throwing the ball as fast as you can to the appropriate place.
Softball will improve balance by being able to stay balanced while pitching, fielding and hitting.
Softball will improve power by hitting the ball, and by being able to throw, and also pitching. You need power for all of these to be able to get the ball to where it needs to go and also for the ball to travel as far as it can.
Speed can be improved by softball due to the running of the bases and running to field the ball fast and efficient.
Softball will improve your coordination because coordination is essential for softball. Coordination is needed when hitting the ball because you need to watch the ball in while swinging the bat. Also coordination is needed for fielding because you need to be able to field the ball clean and then right away throw the ball.
Reaction Time can be improved in softball by hitting the ball and then running right away, and also whenever running the bases, you need to watch the pitcher release the ball so you can get off the bases as fast as you can, so you can get to the base faster.
Ways to self-express yourself during softball are enjoying the game, setting goals to achieve and also challenging yourself to do something you didn't think you could do such as slapping, or even fielding a difficult hit.
Social Interaction
Social interaction is a major part of softball. You need to be able to interact with other people in order to work as a team. A great team is a team who get along well with each other to strive for a win. Softball helps you build relationships with your team as well as your opponents. All these things are helpful during softball to achieve what you want such as, winning, or achieving your goals.
Challenges during softball maybe being able to hit the ball. What happens is that either you are not keeping your head down or possibly your just thinking you can't hit.
The biggest challenge is staying mentally fit. A lot of people have problems with telling themselves they can't do something. But really its just in their head. So that's why staying mentally fit is such a big challenge.
Another challenge during softball would be, being able to field the ball and then throwing the ball efficiently. Many people struggle to do this because they get into to much of a hurry to throw the ball.
The third challenge of softball would be base running. Base running may be challenging to people because you must leave at a certain time in order to get a good lead. The best time to start leaving the base is when the pitchers back foot starts to come off of the mound. So, if you don't do that and leave early you will get called out. But if you leave late then you just better run faster so you won't get thrown out.
Three Reasons
why i enjoy
1- you get to learn how to work together as a team.
2- its a way to get out and get active.
3- you meet new people every time that you play a game/ it's a friendly competition.
Where you could go and play softball in the community
You could play softball at:
*The park diamonds
*The diamonds by romers

Some leagues that you can participate in are:
* High School sport
* Friday Night League for adults
* Little League for the little kids
you need to buy:
a glove
bat and uniform (optional if not provided)
catchers equipment
also if there is anything else you want to have for softball (miscellaneous)
if not a school sport you need to pay for the registration fee.
I encourage other people to play softball because it's a way to get to meet new people, and also a way to stay fit. The last reason why i encourage people to play softball is it makes you learn how to play as a team.
From the years
of experience.
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