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Fibonacci In Architecture

No description

Kyle Beaz

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Fibonacci In Architecture

A visual presentation Fibonacci In Architecture Fibonacci And The Golden Ratio The Pyramids Design All Fibonacci numbers seem to be connected to The Golden Ratio. Well, they are! If you divide a pair consecutive Fibonacci numbers, then you get a number close to 1.618 … the golden ratio. The Golden Ratio is the ratio that appears the most pleasing to the eyes. Ancient Egypt In the 60's archeologist noticed that what the all used too take as false doors, had a ratio of 1 to Phi, the square root of 5. All these panels where surrounded by symbols that are very important. http://milan.milanovic.org/math/english/golden/golden3.html The ratio of the height of the pyramids to the length from the middle to the edge of the base of the pyramids is 1 to Phi, the golden ratio. The shapes of the pyramids are pleasing and logical. Inside is a spectacular maze, made to keep people from the body of their which is encrusted in jewls and riches. 6" ~4.854' 3" The Pyramids are assumed to be graves or tombs for the Pharaohs of Egypt. There was a room in The Pyramids that held the Pharaohs body, people surrounded the body with riches in honor of the Pharaohs. For this reason, the builders of the Pyramids made many fake burial rooms and dead ends, like one big maze. Fake Burial Room Burial Room Heavy Door
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