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Cynthia Kazora

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Bronies

The dominant culture
A bronie is a male who watches "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Although bronies can be any gender, it is mostly aimed at men who are fascinated with the show. The dominant culture is predominantly male: 69% american, 22% european, and 5% australian.
Norms/mores/folkways, Beliefs/Customs, Values and Material Objects
Material and Non-material elements
There are many material items people can buy relating to the show but the most popular are the
non-material elements are the various messages and morals that are shown in cartoon that are the most important in bronie culture, as well as music and animations
Informal sanctions
Effects of the norms
96.4% are single
22.4% had no interest in dating
60.9% were interested but aren't dating
2.9% are married
Cultural Particulars
Real culture vs. ideal culture
Cynthia Kazora, Julianne England, Zachary Williams
Mores: most bronies have a pony they can identify with. They see themselves in a character and can relate.
Folkways: Bronies watch the show because it is not a typical kids' show; it has humor at different levels, clever writing and good action.
some Bronies are increasingly becoming addicted to the show that they are pushing aside social and personal responsibilities.
i.e. blowing off work
socializing less with friends and families
getting into many arguments and disputes.
1. curiosity
2. conversion
3. confusion
4. caution
5. complete acceptance
Work Cited:
Angel, R. (2012, May 27). In Defense of
Bronies. Retrieved September 25, 2013, from Wired website: http://www.wired.com/geekmom/2012/05/ in-defense-of-bronies/

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Nemo Charleton
They want to be accepted by mainstream culture. They want main-
stream to view them as
people who watch the
show for the values. They want people to understand their culture.
Cultural particulars are the conventions they go to, where they watch, in others company, My Little Pony without prejudice from the outside world. Also they join chat groups where they get to freely talk to other members of the group that like MLP.
"Beyond her Tomb"
Values: There is more often than not a moral significance to the show that bronies take into consideration or apply to their life.
Norm: bro hoofs which is very similar to a fist pound, typically meet at conventions or chat sites, and costumes typically show a persons personality
Beliefs: to them MLP is "directed from a great director and voiced by a great actor" so it isn't as different as any other show.
Material Objects: stuffed/ceramic ponies, t-shirts (most common material object)
also prejudice/disapproval from those outside the bronie culture
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