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TechSpace Programme Brochure 2013

No description

TechSpace Learning

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of TechSpace Programme Brochure 2013

Tallaght Foroige:
The Quad
Roscommon Satellite
Projects Local
Projects 'Technology Champions' in your organisation
for training Blended Learning Programme TechSpace
Programme /
Network 1. TechSpace programme orientation
2. Adobe Youth Voices orientation Part 1:
Two Days
In-Person Training Part 2:
Eight Week
Online Training Course Training Ends... Programme Roadmap www.techspace.ie Group Based 24/7 Self-Paced Learning Camara Ireland is the host organisation. Supported by
expertise in education, technology and youth development Professional development
training and certification 1 2 3 Online support,
access to expertise
& additional content Volunteer
Creative Mentors Sharing 20+ Years Expertise in Technology Enhanced Learning www.techspace.ie For more information visit... Or get in touch at... info@techspace.ie Youth projects and services delivering the TechSpace Programme Creative learning through technology From digital users to young digital creators Professional development for youth workers A creative space within a youth service or project where young people are inspired to create, produce and have fun with digital technology. We're digital creators! Young people are provided with free access to a fully kitted out
digital space, a trained coordinator and experienced mentors. Digital Space Trained
Coordinator Creative
Mentors TechSpace is designed to empower young people to
become more capable, creative and confident learners. Learning Model Mitch Resnick,
Learning by Designing, 2011. People learn best not when they are passively receiving information, but when they
are actively engaged in
exploring, experimenting,
and expressing themselves. Known as the 3 X’s. Based on the Intel Computer Clubhouse and MIT Media Lab Guiding Principles Learn
doing Follow
interests Respect
trust Build a
learning community Creative Learning Consortium of Partners Programme Package Independent
Volunteers Subsidised computer hardware
and creative software 2011 - 2012 (Pilot Group) 2012 - 2013 (Group 1) Locations Community
based School
based Your
here TechSpace
Hubs TechSpace
Hubs Ballymun
Resource Local
Projects Local
Projects TechSpace
Hubs Satellite
Projects Contact... Apply... 4 x training courses in TechSpace's Adobe Youth Voices scheduled for
2013 Join... Identify... Training Starts... Course Outline: Training continues... Training Support... Online video support calls with facilitator and training group Adobe Certificate
awarded on full
completion of
training course. Programme Delivery... 1. Adobe Youth Voices, a world class programme
designed to direct youth educators in how to
conceptualise, plan and lead a youth media
programme with a group of participants. 2. Technical training in Photoshop & Premiere Course Outline: 32 hours 16 hours Youth educators deliver a
youth media programme with a group of participants Year 1 =
3 months programme Weekly Programme Renewal... Community or school based organisation renews partnership annually with TechSpace Year 2 onwards =
12 months programme Programme Steps Adobe Photoshop
& Premiere Elements steven.daly@techspace.ie You? AYV Online Course Outline A world class program designed to direct youth educators in how to
conceptualise, plan and lead a youth media program with a group. + + +
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