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Studs in the Summer

An investigation exploring the effects of studded snow tires on stopping distance on dry pavement.

Silene DeCiucies

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of Studs in the Summer

Studs in the
An investigation exploring the effect of studded
snow tires on stopping distance on dry pavement. Just kidding... Results Methods Studded Tire Data Kaia accelerated her car to a constant speed of around 35 mph, and at the specified cone slammed on the breaks. The car was slowed to a stop; the time it took the car to stop, the speed, and the distance of the stop was recorded. This process was repeated for 5 trials.
Kaia recently changed the tires on her car from studded snows to regular rubber tires. The next step is to repeat the entire process above and record the data so that the results can be compared. Studded snow tires offer us superior traction in the winter, but could they be decreasing our grip on the road on dry pavement?
This investigation plans to answer this conundrum. •Initially it was determined that studded winter tires would have a longer stopping distance than non-studded summer tires.
•It was thought that the metal studs would have a lower coefficient of friction on the road surface because of the slippery texture of the metal and the small increase of space between the tire and the road due to the protruding studs.
Silene DeCiucies To be continued...
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