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Copy of AR Book Report: Big Nate on a Roll

No description

Imari brown

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of AR Book Report: Big Nate on a Roll

AR Book Report Big Nate on a Roll Charactars Nate: Protagonist
Friend of Teddy and Francis, enemy of Artur
Teddy:Nate and Francis' best friend
Francis:Nate and Teddy's best friend
Artur(aka Mr. Perfect):Antaginst: Nate's enemy Nate is a Timber Scout.When he goes to his Timber Scout meeting and finds out that Autur, his enemy, joins his Timber Scout troop he flips out.Then, his friends Teddy and Francis tell him that they have to sell wallings for their Timber Scout fundraiser.When nate finds out what the grand prize is, he gets worried that he will get the second place prize because Artur is in his timber scout troop. Rising Action Nate is having a hard time selling his wall hangings.But,when he bumps in to Artur and asks him how many wall hanging he sold,you wouldn't believe how many he sold in about an hour. Plot Climax Falling Action Resolution Imari Brown 7H When Nate goes to the play, during intermission Nate sees artur in the lobby in his Timber Scout uniform selling wall hangings. As days go by artur sells more and more wall hangings and nate is losing and decides to sell the wall hangs to his self. When Nate and the rest of his troop go to the Timber Scout Jamberee,Nate finds out that he was tied for first with Artur. So, to decide who gets the grand prize the Scout Master flips a coin to determine the winner.
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