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Math Book Project

No description

Walitia Floyd

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Math Book Project

People have always had the right to read what so ever they like, although personally, I tend to become enthralled within picture books. With so much emotion, and advanced literary techniques embedded into them, they say so much more than words do. As a librarian, I feel rather than simply reading a story, picture books offer a platform for creating your own story. Inputting what you believe the text is about and not being restricted to one idea which is usually told through the use of words. Writers and illustrators are now changing the way we view books therefore changing the way we read. So let me take you on a journey, to a place where lost things come to life, red trees are an unfamiliar discovery and to hear the tale of a land inhabited long ago.
Post Falls Staff work District-wide

Your math project is to create a math story book.
Making the Strategic Plan our Guide
Eliminate barriers to
convenient service
Programs that make
the heart sing!
Can't Find Things
What do I read?
Awesome Box
Smaller Desk
Roving Staff
Readers Advisory
Happy Birthday
to us!
Special Thanks to
Charlotte, Cherie, Lucy, Morgan, Mark, Lynn, Yaseen, Megan, Colleen, Cate, Bobbi, Kelli, Judy, Anne, and Elvis
Percentages are everywhere!
They have many stories to tell and you will tell that story.

I am a Math Author Project
Here's an example of a math story
Math is literally everywhere!!!
Your Checklist
Pick a Percent topic: Discounts, Sales tax, tips, etc...
Next: Create your characters and supporting cast. Give them a name and personality.
Now:Make a storyboard ( a sequence of things that will happen in your book). Write a one sentence summary for each page.
Create a front cover that reflects what your book is about (with a title and author's name) *you can create a pen name (a name you use when writing)

Create a back cover with a short summary of what your book is about and a price. (You can include a picture of the author)

Now it's time to write!
Write a full story to replace the summary pages. Include a picture for each page.
Go to mystorybook.com to create your book virtually

If you prefer to create a physical book you may!
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