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No description

sathya lopera

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of ROMANCE OF INAO

Romance of Inao group 5 :) 1.Inao
2.Princess Busba
3.King of Daha
4.King of Manya
6.King Kamankunin Characters the legend of the romance between Prince Inao and the stunningly beautiful Princess Budsaba of Daha City and set in the ancient city of Muang Kulaypan. At first Inao after an arranged engagement set up by Budsaba's family, refused to marry her; this made her father so angry that he said he would give her away to the first man who offered to marry her. After interfamily wars and complex affairs, the couple fell in love and lived happily ever after. Our paintings of the Princess Budsaba were inspired by a classic tale of love and enchantment from Indonesian folklore that was introduced to Thailand during the Ayutthaya period. King Rama II translated the story into the Thai language many years later Daha, Thailand Setting Prince Inao has been betrothed since childhood to the Princess Busba, daughter of his uncle, King of Daha. Inao, however, has fallen in love with another princess and refuses to carry out his obligation to Busba. He goes to live with his new bride at the court of her father, who is King of Manya. The king of Daha is deeply incensed. He offers Busba’s hand in marriage to the first person who requests it. Immediately Choraka, a crude and repulsive warrior, asks to marry her. It is too late for the king to withdraw his rash offer. He is about to order Busba to marry Choraka when the King of Kamakunin appears to press his suit. When told she is already promised to Choraka, the king gathers his army and attacks Daha. Inao, being a nephew of the King of Daha, is obliged to come to Daha’s defense. He does so, but with great reluctance. He is made commander-in-chief of Daha’s armies, and leads the armies to victory. When the king invites him to visit the palace to be honored, Inao cannot refuse During his visit he sees Busba for the first time. She is ravishingly beautiful. His passion is aroused. He curses himself for having rejected her. He finds every reason he can to remain at the palace. As the day for Busba’s marriage to Choraka approaches, Inao falls into deep melancholy. Finally he retires to the forest to compose himself to gain peace of mind. In time, Inao emerges from the forest strengthened with magic powers. He overcomes innumerable obstacles, finally defeats all his enemies, and makes Busba his bride. THE END! :)
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