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AIESEC SISU 2012/2013 EB Election Speech(VP PBOX_Rick)

No description

Rick Wong

on 26 November 2011

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Transcript of AIESEC SISU 2012/2013 EB Election Speech(VP PBOX_Rick)

AIESEC SISU 2012/2013 EB Election Rick Wong
2011-11-27 Be the change you want to see in the world.

- Mahatma Gandhi What's happening to Be the change you want to see in the world.

- Mahatma Gandhi AIESEC Path
2010.9 Enter AIESEC as PBOX newie
2010.11 Event manager of YES
2011.1 TL of Winter team&NLDS in SH
2011.2 OCP of YES
2011.9 NLDS OC in SH
2011.9 PR manager&Mbr in Explore china
2011.10 RIC Faci in NJ
Want to make the changes? eXchange: understanding
GPN: awareness of sustainability
RW: health care, AIDS, the elderly
YES: youth power
EC: cultural promotion Tiny makes huge.
That's my original motivation. How can we make PBOX 2012/2013 a greater change agent? 1. Sustainable development:

X no. growth; quality control;
financial sustainability

2. Member development
( local mbr and trainee)

3. Visionary, systematical, innovative
and learning function Vision VP PBOX GPN
OCP Ini.
TL Strategy1: Efficiency Strategy2: Structure Strategy 3: Financial solution Strategy1: Internal &
external oppo drive Strategy2: Training system Strategy3: Motivation
management Strategy1: Innovation

Strategy2: Function culture
& functional activities How to make AIESEC SISU 2012/2013 a greater change agent? LC Synergy Trust. This is Rick, your VP PBOX candidate!=)
Thanks for attention.
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