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Byrd's Flight Through Antarctica

No description

Lucy Wang

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Byrd's Flight Through Antarctica

Byrd's Flight Through Antarctica
By Lucy Wang
Block 2/5
Importance to 1920s

Because of the preparation, discoveries, and impact of Byrd's expedition to Antarctica, the expedition is very important to the Roaring 20s.
A few parts to the preparation.
Forty-one men on two ships
Four airplanes
Ninety-four dogs
Materials for a small village
Scientific equipment
The City of New York
was one of the ships Byrd used to transport many items.
Husky dogs dragged sleds on the expedition, which was crucial to transportation.
The discovery of land.
Little America
Marie Byrd Land
Rockefeller Mountains
The team's home base,
Little America.
An article from a newspaper,
The Reading Eagle,
describing Byrd's state-of-mind and preparation for his expedition.
Advancements in Technology
A snow mobile used by Byrd in an expedition.
Impact--Before and after.
Lots of Explaining up ahead.
A newspaper headline for Byrd's flight around the North Pole.
Byrd and his team earned many achievements.
Thank you~
By: Lucy Wang English 2/5
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