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saving the earth

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q q

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of saving the earth

saving the earth me and my home is mayd of wood and stros and steks aborigenals home saving the earth and aboriganals aboreginals food is fish coren and crops... me and my food my garbig is plastik botils and plastik bags are mayde of wood briks and sament are makarownie and pasta... aboriginals and saving the earth me and my clothing is skarts pants and sharts and shorts aboriginals clothing is a skerte... I lirnde thea aboreginals may was craeted by nay char aboriginals garbig think we shood be eco frandly We cod respecte awerinvirmant In the feywcher we can pout solerpanels and wend tren bynes and we can palant a gardens Win we are breshing we shode shat the water fewcher when we are not in a room we shode clos the lite We are eko frandly aboreganalse I This prezi project is made by Nuzath I hope you like my perzi weshode by food from Canada and ontaio we can also plant our own vegetables Fruits
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