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Famous Serial Killers

No description

Emilio Garcia Burgos

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of Famous Serial Killers

Famous Serial Killers
Henry Lee Lucas
is a widely used meme of the Internet. The story about the face is creepy. Henry Lee Lucas, an American serial killer, painted it at some crime scenes. Henry Lucas’ psychologists say that drawing expresses
his feelings
at the time of losing control of himself.

Lucas lost an eye at age 10 after his brother knifed him and for this he was bullied. Aside from this, Lucas' mother was a prostitute, who would force him to watch her have sex.

The murder weapon
The victims
At the end...
Gregorio "Goyo" Cardenas
A serial killer could be anyone. A charming neighbor, like John Wayne Gacy, until it was discovered that
killed 33
young people, becoming the "murderer clown". A harmless old man like Albert Fish, who became the "cannibal grandfather" to come out over
100 murders
. Or a beautiful countess, as Erzsébet Bathory, who killed more than
600 maidens
. Other smarter than the police as the "Zodiac murderer", who never track who had been, even if still alive.
John Wayme Gacy: The murder clown.
Another face painted in the crime scene :
Gregorio "Goyo" Cardenas
Gregorio "Goyo" Cardenas Hernandez, also known as the
Strangler of Tacuba
was a famous serial killer. In part of an encephalitis infection, he showed abnormal behavior as a child, including cruelty to animals. Cárdenas studied Chemistry at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

On August 15th in 1942, after having sex with his neighbor, Cardenas strangled her with a rope and buried her body in his garden. He also murdered
6 more prostitutes
and a
His neighbors started to get suspicious and informed to the police. Shortly before the police
exhumed the bodies
, Cárdenas had himself committed to a Psychiatric hospital, where he was arrested on September 7th in 1942.

Cárdenas wrote three books while in prison and was regularly questioned and investigated by the country's top psychiatrists and criminologists. Cárdenas was allowed to pursue
psychiatry and law studies
while in prison. He learned to play the piano, wrote poetry, and even got married in prison.
The Trollface
He originally offered a list of 77 women, as he confessed to more and more murders. Detectives from
40 states
came to visit Lucas, and an estimated 3,000 homicides were discussed in what is considered to be one of the greatest mockeries of the U.S. legal system.

The true number of murders committed by Lucas is unknown. Probably is responsible for the deaths of
40 people
. On March 13th in 2001, Lucas died in prison from heart failure at the age of 64 years.
On September 8th in 1976 Cárdenas was forgiven by President Luis Echeverria. He was invited to give a speech in the Union Congress, where he was celebrated as a hero. He was hailed as a "great example" and a "clear case of rehabilitation". Cárdenas completed his law studies and worked as a lawyer until his death in 1999.
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