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The Physics Of Frisbees

Physics aspects, knowledge and applications that involve frisbees.

Devarsh Pandya

on 18 June 2010

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Transcript of The Physics Of Frisbees

The Physics of Frisbees.
and spinning things... -Devarsh Pandya
& Andrew Luu- SPIN!! SPIN!! SPIN!! The spinning of a
frisbee is crucial because... The spinning of the frisbee
involves the centrifugal force. where you may think of a... Pressures! The frisbee has various parts that go under pressures
during the flight. The top section of the frisbee cuts
through the air better than the bottom
since it has a different shape.
The curve allows for the cutting edge!
And the depression of the freesbie allows for...
LIFT!! DRAG!! THRUST!! GRAVITY!! Angular Momemtum! What is it??? Break it down Angle of ATTACK!! The Angle of Attack is an angle that hits the oncoming flow of air. When the angle is approximately 45* it creates a large lift for the frisbee and the at the highest point, it loses all kinetic energy and
the drag force comes in and brings the frisbee to the same exact
position as it started!! Observing the... Gyroscope demonstrates the behaviour of a frisbee
(or a spinning thing) when the gyroscope is NOT spinning, if you push on it sideways,
it moves sideways, if you push up or down, it moves up or down... However, if you
allow it to spin, and then you push
SIDEWAYS, it moves UP or DOWN,
and if you push UP or DOWN, it moves SIDEWAYS So, if you push on a frisbee
or a spinning thing, it will push back
at a right angle!! So, GO!!
check it OUT for yourself IN DEPTH!!! Thank You For All Your Time!
Hope you had fun
with this presentation!
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