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Greek gods

No description

Abigail Setera

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Greek gods

Parents - Zeus & Maia
Greek & Roman (Mercury) God of travelers and thieves
Greek Gods
Greek and Roman (Pluto) god of the Dead and Riches
Parents - Cronus and Rhea
Married to Persephone - the greek goddess of springtime
Not well-liked by the other Gods
Greek and Roman (Mars) god of war
Parents - Zeus and Hera
Not well liked by the Greeks
No talent for fighting
God of wisdom, healing, light, poetry, and music
Parents - Zeus and Leto
Twin brother of Artemis
Likes archery
Rides golden chariot across the sky
Sometimes called Phoebus
FUn Facts
Brother of Zeus and Poseidon
Rules over the underworld
Weapon of choice - Helm of Darkness
Kidnapped Persephone and carried her down to the underworld
The other Gods feared him so much, they avoided saying his name
He is not evil
One of the first heroes in Greek myths
Keeps a three-headed pet dog named Cerberus
Symbol for medicine
Symbol for commerce and negotiation
Intertwined with 2 snakes
Given by Apollo
interesting facts
He enjoyed causing others pain, but could not handle pain himself.
Ancient Greeks do not like Ares, however, Ancient Romans admired him.
Ancient Greeks does not like wars, nor Ares
Had affairs with Aphrodite
Born on the island of Delos
Hera did not allow Leto to give birth on any land
Apollo is younger than Artemis
nine muses
Specialty in arts
Taught by Apollo
Clio - history
Euterpe - flutes & lyric poetry
Thalia - comedy & pastoral poetry
Melpomene - tragedy
Terpsichore - dance
Erato - love poetry
Polyhymnia - sacred poetry
Urania - astronomy
Calliope - epic poetry
Pythia - Oracle of Delphi
Temple of Apollo in Delphi
Pythia is the priestess
Interprets words of Apollo
Channels prophesies from Apollo
Thank you for watching!!
Born in a mountain cave
Invented lyre and panpipes
Link between mortals and Olympians
Messenger of the gods
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