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Iphone 5 S

First prezi by Vayun

Vayun Ramdas

on 28 December 2014

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Transcript of Iphone 5 S

IPhone 5 S
In the old days people had lots of trouble without the IPhone 5s.
With the IPhone 5s It is easy to go to places because the IPhone 5s as an app named Maps. In Maps people can type their destination and then the IPhone 5s searches for satellites then the Iphone 5s starts to tell the directions.
In the old days people had to call each others in telephones. They also had to do a lot of steps to activate the call.
The IPhone 5 S you don't have to do a lot of steps, all you have to do is just pick a contact and touch the call button then it calls the person who you want to call.
Siri is an app that is installed in IPhones and , it can only be installed if you have (IPhone 4 or later.)
With Siri you can control an IPhone 5 S with your voice.
When you are typing an message It takes a long time to type.
But when you ask Siri to type it for you, it can instantly type it for you.
Touch ID
In the old days people who had phones that have no security might often get their data stolen.
But with the IPhone 5 S , people will not get there data stolen by, bad guys, its because it has a Touch ID sensor.
To learn more watch this video :
isight camera
In the old days people had camera's that don't take good pictures
There cameras take really blurry pictures
The IPhone 5 S takes very "non-blurry" pictures because it has an special camera that has a tons of pixels. it including has diffrent modes to take pictures/videos. Two of the modes the IPhone 5 S has, ponarama, and square mode.
To learn more about isight feature watch this video:
Just by your voice.
When they want to take a picture of there family the camera take a very "non professional" pictures.
It has a 15% larger camera sensor. It also includes 33% light in the camera.
When the IPhone 5 S shows a video that is done it can show in to a mode that can show the video in 3x live video zoom, or slow motion that is a new feature.
I also wonder if there will be an new IPhone out one day in the future.
Well,I know there will be an IPhone 6 out in a couple of months.
It might have a new feature to send radar to an Mac/PC, if the IPhone is lost or in an different location.
Its camera can project the screen, on to an wall or table.
And you can still control the IPhone will the camera is still projecting.
The IPhone might also have an a more,better advanced Touch ID, like the one we saw in the Touch ID video that Jony Ive and Don Riccio was explaining
This is an example of Siri helping somebody with their messages.
Thank you!
The Apple company sold 64% IPhone 5 S.
Also, in the App Store, people had to download apps with their password.
With the IPhone 5 S people can download their apps with their Touch ID.
Hello, my name is Vayun Ramdas. And I'm going to talk to you about the IPhone 5s. The most advanced IPhone.
And watch out for the new IPhone 6 !
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