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WPS: An Effective Execution Tool

I started to publish some of my templates - whiteboard great for pitching ideas. Enjoy.

marl ferenal

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of WPS: An Effective Execution Tool

How to turn VISION into ACTION
Ulrich's Four Roles of HR:
An Innovative Execution Tool

Uses and Benefits of WPS as a Tool
1. For Broader visibility of the organization
2. Tool for efficient follow through
3. Tool for catching people doing right
4. For coaching and mentoring
5. For effective communication
WPS: Alignment and Execution Tool
to turn
HR Toolbox
Administrative Expert
Employee Champion
Change Agent
Strategic Partner
It’s one thing to come up with great strategies and goals, but it’s quite another to get them done. This is called the execution gap.
(Stephen Covey)
Less than 10% of strategies effectively formulated are effectively executed (Fortune Magazine)

Companies on average realize only 60% of the financial performance their strategies promise... more than one-third of executives surveyed placed the figure at less than 50% (Harvard Business Review).

70% of strategic failures are due to poor execution of leadership, it’s rarely the lack of smarts or vision (Ram Charan)
Execution Facts
As Change Agent, HR helps make change happen and, in particular, helps it happen fast;

Attribution: http://www.citehr.com/896-dave-ulrichs-4-part-functional-model.html#ixzz20eVOIIuV
As Strategic Partner, HR helps turn strategy into results by building organizations that create value

Attribution: http://www.citehr.com/896-dave-ulrichs-4-part-functional-model.html#ixzz20eQbQV6T
Link and Align the organization around its strategy to create a “line of sight”
from “board room to back room”
(Kaplan and Norton)
Align Strategy with Operations
Wildly Important Goals
Lag Measures
Lead Measures and Scoreboards
6. To be proactive
Recruit the right people and develop them to become highly competent and productive
Attain Best Practices on internal processes (operational excellence)
Attract customers and create “raving fans”
STRATEGY MAP (Kaplan and Norton)
Achieve breakthrough bottom-line (financial) results
Thank You!
7. To do first things first
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