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Wrecking Ball Poetry

No description

Cameron Hickman

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Wrecking Ball Poetry

Wrecking Ball- Miley Cyrus
Honors English 2
Cameron Hickman

Example From the Lyrics
Device: Simile

Example: "I came in like a wrecking ball"

Meaning: A wrecking ball ruins and tears apart whatever it knocks into. She is saying she was like wrecking ball because she ruined everything.
Literary Device #2- Hyperbole
Hyperbole: An outrageous exaggeration used for effect.
Literary Device #1- Simile
Conclusion & Analysis
Miley Cyrus just went through a one sided relationship where she was madly in love with the other person but they didn’t feel the same way. She became so vulnerable that when all was said and done she was left in pieces. She hopes that someday this person realizes the pain they caused and that she still has feelings for them.
Example From the Lyrics
Device: Hyperbole

Example: "I put you high up in the sky."

Meaning: The speaker expected to much from him and she ended up putting in too much effort, while he did not put in any.
Literary Device #3- Imagery
Imagery: the use of language to generate ideas and evoke emotion via the five senses- sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.
Example From the Lyrics
Device: Imagery

Example: "Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung."

Meaning: She did not realize what she was doing to the relationship, but now it's too late.
Literary Device #4- Metonymy
Metonymy: A figure of speech in which a person, place, or thing is referred to by something closely associated with it.
Example From the Lyrics
Device: Metonymy

Example: "I'll I wanted was to break your walls."

Meaning: Instead of saying, she wanted to be closer to him emotionally, she said she wanted to break his walls.
Literary Device #5- Metaphor
Metaphor: A direct comparison between two unlike things, stating that one is the other or does the action of the other.
Example From the Lyrics
Device: Metaphor

Example:" We're ashes on the ground."

Meaning: They are not actually ashes on the ground, but in fact she feels like they are both dead and that she is meaningless. Also, she means that she is getting stepped on.
Literary Device #6- Rhyme
Rhyme: Words that have different beginning sounds but whose endings sound alike, including the final vowel sound and everything following it.
Man Vs Self
Man Vs Man
She fell hard for someone, but the relationship was emotionally unstable and unequal
She had too high expectations for him
She rushed into the relationship and forced her feelings, while her partner did not feel the same way
Simile: A direct comparison of two unlike things using "like" or "as."
Example From the Lyrics
Device: Rhyme & Symbolism

Example: "I came in like a wrecking ball, all I wanted was to break your walls."

Meaning: She came in and ruined it all, just like a wrecking ball would
The Wrecking Ball symbolizes how destructive love can be.
The broken walls symbolize the hearts of the couple
Basic Example:
“as busy as a bee” comparing someone’s level of energy to a fast-flying bee

Basic Examples:
If I can’t buy that new game, I will die.
He is as skinny as a toothpick.
This car goes faster than the speed of light.
That new car costs a bazillion dollars.
Basic Example:
Her blue eyes were as bright as the Sun, blue as the sky, but soft as silk.
Basic Example:
We must wait to hear from the crown until we make any further decisions.
Basic Example:
Laughter is music of the soul.
Basic Examples:
Back, stack, tack
Clean, glean, mean
Love can be very destructive
You can't force feelings on someone because the end result is the other person leaving the relationship.
Make sure that you and your partner are putting in equal effort for the relationship.
Literary Device #7- Symbolism
Symbolism: An ordinary object, event, or person that stands for something very significant.
Basic Examples:
The city of Paris represents love.
The yin & yang symbol represents energy.
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