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Social Marketing for Small Business


Clemens Rettich

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Marketing for Small Business

Social Media for Small Business An Introduction to a Great Performance The Only Game That Matters Retention 1. 700% More Profitable 2. Relationships are everything The Only Way To Play Start with a social heart
Build a social loop Why? Everyone is there
It's visual
It has event, contest and location services Start Start with a Facebook Profile
Create a page
Invite your friends Grow Invite conversation
Post community WIFM
Use images and video
Run contests Why? To amplify other content
To track customer experience
To strengthen community Start Create a profile
Start liking and retweeting! Grow Retweet
Publish and curate great content
Use images
Tweet often Why? To establish authority and credibility
To create and store content Start Pick a platform (Wordpress, Blogger, etc.)
Self- or professionally set up?
Start writing Grow Publish (2 - 7 times per week)
Link to other SM channels and other blogs Why? To share images of products or messages
To drive traffic
To link to online stores Start Set up account
Upload images
Repin others Grow Follow big & follow local
Keep it beautiful
Connect to your other sites Why? The most effective online retention tool
Drives other efforts
Time-effective Start Set up account (Mail Chimp or Constant Contact)
Set up mailing list
Schedule mailing Grow Connect to other channels
Create multiple opt-in opportunities
Make it the heart of your CRM process KSF Focus on retention
Focus on building a social business
Focus on building a social business community FACEBOOK TWITTER BLOGS PINTEREST EMAIL NEWSLETTER Retention Small Business Saturday
www.shopsmallbiz.ca 1. Use discounts to begin a relationship
2. See this as one node of many
3. Use this to kick start your social community
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